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The Apolinario Mabini Awards was launched by the Philippine Foundation for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled, Inc. (PFRD) in 1974 on the occasion of its Silver Anniversary. Since then, it has been a major annual program of the PFRD.

The Awards was named after one of the country’s foremost heroes, Apolinario Mabini, also known as the Sublime Paralytic. His disability was not a hindrance to his creative genius that provided inspiration to the Philippine revolution.


• To recognize individuals, groups and agencies that have made outstanding contributions to persons with disabilities.

• To promote wider recognition of disabled persons as self-respecting, self-reliant and productive members of society.

A. Mabini Presidential Award

 For the person who has made exceptional contributions to the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities in the last two years. 

Engr. Darlito S. Palermo
2015 Apolinario Mabini Presidential Award 

B. PWD Filipino of the Year 

Nominee shall be a disabled Filipino citizen who has been able to surmount his/her handicap and can serve as a role model to other individuals with disabilities.

Mrs. Liwanag S. Caldito
2015 PWD Filipino of the Year

C. Disabled Group of the Year

Nominee shall be a group composed of disabled Filipino citizen who have surmounted handicap and together attained note worthy achievements in a cultural, educational, vocational, spiritual, athletic or economic activity.

Association of Differently Abled Person - Antique
2015 PWD Group of the Year

D. Employer of the Year

Nominee shall be an employer of any nationality in business or industry, government or private, that has an outstanding record of hiring, employing or promoting persons with disabilities for at least three years. 

Australian New Zeland Global Services & Operations (Mla) Inc.
2015 Employer of the Year

E. Disabled-Friendly Establishment

Nominee shall be an establishment, government or private, which has been most responsive to the needs of persons with disabilities by providing the facilities and services which make their access to, exit out, and stay in the establishment safer, more pleasant and convenient.

Holiday Inn & Suites – Silver
2015 Disabled-Friendly Establishment

F. Local Government Unit of the Year

Nominee shall be a recognized local government unit which has rendered exceptional services to the mass of citizens with disabilities within its jurisdiction in the last two year.

Guimbal, Iloilo
2015 Local Government Unit (Municipality) of the Year

G. Rehabilitation Volunteer of the Year

Nominee shall be a person, office, firm or organization with outstanding involvement of a voluntary nature for the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities. Nominee shall have made this achievement within the last two years.

Phil. Academy of Rehab. Medicine
2015 Rehab. Volunteer of the Year

H. Media Advocate of the Year

Nominee shall be a personalities/groups/institutions in the media (radio/print/TV) who have made considerable inroads in advocating for the rights & welfare of the disabled.

Ms. Myrna “Mirana” Medina
2015 Media Advocate (Ind.) of the Year

I. Website Accessibility Award

This award is given to public and private organizations that have complied with the guidelines set under the attached “Joint NCC-NCDA Circular No.1 on Web accessibility” issued in 2010. This aims to boost the RIGHT TO INFORMATION called for in the “UN-Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities”, ratified by the country on April 15, 2008.

Since the A. Mabini Awards’ inception in 1974, PFRD has conferred a total of three hundred twenty-five (325) Awards in various categories :

  • Rehab. Volunteer – 57 Awardees 
  •  Employer of the Year – 24 Awardees
  •  Disabled Group – 22 Awardees 
  •  Local Government Unit – 31 Awardees
  •  Media Advocate – 6 Awardees  
  •  Disabled-Friendly Establishment – 115 Awardees
  •  Disabled Filipino – 44 Awardees 
  •  Mabini Presidential – 26 Awardees